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Imagine being able to experience freedom from limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, addiction, anxiety, weight issues, phobias and enhance performance at work, school, sport and what if you could achieve this quickly? Rapid Transformation Therapy can help you achieve this with extraordinary and transformational results. Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer, thi​s method works effectively and rapidly to uncover the root causes of issues be it emotional or physical pain. By working together to rapidly uncover the meaning and interpretation of events  this powerful therapy will lead to permanent powerful change; by rewiring your mind with positive change, beliefs and behaviours you can literally transform your life.


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June 25, 2017

How is it that food and eating have become such a common source of unhappiness? 

The Slim Thinking Formula introduces one of the key elements to the programme and by finding the balance between your mind and body are fundamental steps to getting the body your deserve. Mindfully eating will allow you to eat what you want and enjoy the process without feelings of guilt by following these simple rules:-

·       Check In -  Before you start eating check how hungry are you? Are you eating through hunger or for another reason such as time of day, feelings of boredom, upset anger? Do you really want to eat what you are about to eat or are you eating it out of habit?

·       Use all of your senses - What does the food feel like? How does it smell? What's the texture in your mouth, its amazing how much more we can enjoy our food when we truly check in with ours senses. You may even eat a little less.

·       Slow down - Pay attention! Take time to chew and swallow between mouthfuls. Rest your fork or put down food in-between bites.

·       Drink warm water - Drinking warm water first thing in the morning and before you eat has so many wonderful benefits. When it comes to dropping weight it will aid in boosting your metabolism.

·       Listen to your body - Your body really does talk. Notice what it is telling and how its reacting to the food. STOP, when you feel satisfied, don't wait until you are overfull.

·       It's OK to leave food - Many of us may have been programmed at a young age that children will starve if you don't eat all your food. How many children have been saved from overeating? Leaving a little bit of food at every meal shows how you are in control of the food you eat and not the food being in control of you