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Sports Performance Hypnosis

Rapid Transformation Therapy  focuses on helping athletes break through any old pattern cycles which are holding them back from performing to their peak potential. Having been a gymnast for many years and a keen interest in other sports I understand the pressures, high expectations and frustrations we put  on ourselves to achieve and be successful. I also understand the limiting beliefs that stopped me from achieving my goals to the best of my ability. From my own experience and other skills I have developed over the years, my work with athletes will  maximise upon strengths to create positive, focused and decisive mind sets, let go of limiting beliefs,  which generate confidence and consistency

What i can help with!

Changing the way the individual uses their mind when they approach their sport will naturally improve their performance. So many athletes at the top of their game visualise themselves performing and the techniques I apply will literally transform your training and sports performance. These techniques have been available to athletes at the top of their game and now you have the opportunity to achieve the same amazing success and by working with me you can:

• Enhance sports performance for teams and individuals

• Build confidence, self-belief

• Eliminate negative thought patterns

• Overcome fears and limiting beliefs

• Aid in quicker recovery for injuries

Healing Sports Injuries

Rapid Transformation Therapy for sports injury can aid in quicker recovery when working alongside the physical rehabilitation. Research is continuing to find that by using very specific techniques and mental skills the healing process in significantly increased and when using RTT

I work with athletes from any sport to promote and assist the healing of  injuries using hypnosis, command cell therapy, EFT, meditation and mindfulness.

Often with sports injuries emotions can often delay the recovery and by using these techniques i help the athlete to replace negative emotions with more positive feelings  by tapping into the minds connection and incredible ability for self healing.

Did You Know?

Did you know studies have shown that when it comes to competition 90% of the outcome is based on the mental conditioning! Why? You have already trained your body through training so when it comes to competing your body already knows what to do and as in so many coaching training sessions when you see teams and individuals come to matches or to compete there are times when the same person or team does not show up and this is where the mental performance kicks in. My methods can show you how to train smarter not harder and get the most out of the most powerful computer in the world – your mind! Just like hiring a staff of personal trainers to condition the body, someone who understands the potential of the mind will help to bring out the absolute best in athletes as the mind plays a vital role in how successful an athlete will ultimately become.

What to expect with a 121 session

Initial consultation

I provide a free no obligation 15 minute consultation either by telephone, skype or zoom to ascertain how I can help you with your issue. To book a consultation please complete the booking details below.

How Long do sessions last?

Each session will last approx. 90  minutes

How many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the individual but typically can be just 1 session, occasionally people need more when dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. As part of the programme it is important to listen to the 21 day recording which assist in healing the issue and creating the permanent positive change.

What do I get with the session?

Pre-session relaxation recording

Initial induction

Relaxation techniques to take home

Simple techniques in understanding your mind

Hypnosis session

21 day transformation recording

21 day follow up period with text/ email support

'Belief with talent will take you further than talent without belief.'

Marisa Peer


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I’m CLAIRE LINTURN and I’m a fully qualified Rapid Transformation Therapist and using these techniques i can help you to realise your full potential that can transform your life. Registered with the National Council of Psychotherapists, I’m certified through the Marisa Peer Method Hypnotherapy who is a well renowned therapist and has treated international superstars, royalty, CEO's and Olympic athletes.


Hypnotherapy: C.HYP, CPPD, MPMH

Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformation Therapist

Connected Kids Tutor - Teaching mindfullness and Meditation

Reiki Level 3 Practitioner

Quantum Touch Level 1 Practitioner

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