Free Young Minds

I believe that everyone has the potential to be amazing, wonderful and extraordinary and what I love about working with young people is that I can help them to rapidly overcome the challenges they face in the modern day so that it serves them well for their future.

Free Young Minds

Free Young Mind programme offers a unique creative coaching approach and my expertise in helping children and young people to overcome stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, grief and overwhelm uses mind body connection techniques to bring back a state of balance so that they can be more resourceful, happy, confident, fulfilled and realise their true potential. In a fast paced, instant, I want everything now world it can become overwhelming and by providing your child with the tools to empower themselves and let go of limiting beliefs or behaviours, enhance their well being which will in turn spread to their friends, parents, teachers and all those they meet and create a beautiful generation of adults into our world.

Why I love working with young people?

I have three wonderful children and understand the challenges both children and parents from my own personal experiences which has been my inspiration for the work that I am now following. I believe that our children are our greatest teachers, and our role in their lives is to give them the tools they need to lead their own extraordinary lives. All my children are extremely active and I have always been keen to parent them in a way that will allow them to develop, learn and grow in an environment that allows them to learn from any mistakes, and build self-belief and confidence within themselves.

Creative Coaching Approach

 Rapid Transformation Therapy achieves extraordinary and transformational results. Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer, this method works effectively and rapidly to uncover the root causes of issues be it emotional or physical pain. By working together to rapidly uncover the meaning and interpretation of events this powerful therapy will lead to permanent powerful change; by rewiring your mind with positive change, beliefs and behaviours. I work with young people and give them the tools to let go of:

• Feeling hurt

• Sadness, grief, depression

• Stress and overwhelm

• Anxiety, lack of confidence

• Bed wetting

• Struggling in school, exam stress

• Fears

And in turn reinforce the positive behaviours;

• Developing self-esteem and a positive self-image

• Increase focus and concentration

• Increase resilience

• Being able to form successful relationships

• Being able to understand the effect they have on others

• Being able to think for themselves 

Exam Confidence

A little bit of stress can be a good thing, however if it gets out of hand it can stop us from performing at our best. Free Young Minds can provide the tools to overcome the challenges faced with exam stress and allow the individual to gain understanding on how they can manage their stress levels during this time. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy  I can assist the young person to overcome any negative beliefs or anxieties and rewire their ability to perform at their best as they approach their exams and during them. Using mind techniques the student will experience the following:

• Understanding how stress effect their minds and bodies

• Breathing and emotional freedom techniques to feel calmer and more relaxed

• Increase focus and concentration for revision and exam situations

• Allow your body to be relaxed, your mind be alert and increase your ability to remember everything you have learnt, studied and revised.

These techniques will have a significant impact on your performance and will also give tools for life to apply in any moments of stress. My approach helps rewire your neural pathways in the brain to create a new way of thinking which in turn then creates more positive patterns of behaviour and permanent change and by tapping into the computer like brain we all have I can assist the student to focus their attentions to the things they do want rather than what they don’t want. By working with me I help the student to allow their true potential to shine through, which will give them the confidence, self-belief and a positive mental attitude to achieve and succeed.