Policy and Privacy

Creative Coaching Therapies is looking forward to working with you. We are committed to protecting your privacy. It is important to make yourself familiar with the policy before our work begins. The Policy explains when and why I collect personal data from the website and when working with me, how we use it and how it is kept secure.

Policy and Privacy

Service Name


Adult consent form is to confirm our work together using Rapid Transformation Therapy

Adult Consent Form

Service Name


Parent/Guardian consent form to be completed for Rapid Transformation Therapy for young people

Parent Consent Form

Service Name


Young person consent and questionnaire for receiving Rapid Transformation Therapy

Young Person Consent Form

Additional resources

These additional resources have been created to provide more information for our work together.

Free Young Minds Guide for Parents

The most effective transformations to create a healthy positive mind while your child works with me is understanding and supporting your child through the process. I would like to invite you to read through this guide to help support you as parents.

How to Collaborate with your Mind

We are always collaborating with other people, but why not do something really smart and understand how you can collaborate with your mind to transform your life by understand 4 rules of the mind. Change your mind and transform your life!

Working with me on Skype/Zoom

Working together via skype or zoom is just as effective as working in person. Please find details of how zoom/skype sessions work and use this form to consent our work together.


I am really excited to be announcing I am introducing a members area for my clients. I look forward to inviting you once it has been completed and if you have any questions please contact me.