Therapy for Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

So many of us suffer from panic attacks, mental fog and low self-confidence.

This can leave us feeling stuck – trapped by the past and with a negative outlook on life.

Finding the root cause of unhelpful emotional behaviours allows you to understand why you're struggling, and ultimately release yourself from a looping cycle of negative habits.

See What People Are Saying

'Stress is known as the modern day plague'


Experiencing a little bit of stress can be a good thing at driving us forward, however when we experience long term stress it can show up in our body as emotional or physical illness. 

Working with me, I show you instant techniques that help alleviate everyday stressors and RTT will find out the root cause and rewiring your mind and body to be more resilient when face with future challenges in a more positive and pro-active way that will help you achieve what you want, therefore eliminating and eradicating any of the emotional or physical illness's that have been caused by stress. 

Stress is known as the modern day plague and with the advances of neuroscience showing how stress effects our bodies we are in a very fortunate time to understand how we can now start using it to our advantage and not allow it to give us the negative side effects.


Anxiety is a symptom and by using RTT I help clients find the root cause of the issues they are experiencing. Anxiety is experienced in different ways and can be recognised by physical symptoms such as dizziness, panic attacks, headaches, IBS, fatigue and emotional symptoms such as irrational negative thoughts, irritability or wanting to avoid specific situations and can be caused by the inability to cope with a series of stressful event or the impact or a traumatic event or events. Anxiety can also be a learned behaviour and clients may often remember a parent or sibling being anxious while they were growing up. RTT gets to the root causes quickly and effectively and allows clients understanding and we work together in hypnosis in uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events and then changing them which leads to permanent powerful change; by rewiring your mind with positive change and behaviours you can literally transform your life.

See What People Are Saying

'Every thought you think has a physical reaction on your body'

What to expect with a 121 session

Initial consultation

I provide a free no obligation 20  minute consultation zoom to ascertain how I can help you with your issue. 

How Long do sessions last?

RTT session lasts  approx. 1.5/2hr

Awareness Consultation is 1 hr

Conscious Connection mentoring session is 30mins

How many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the individual but typically can be between 1 - 3. As part of the programme it is important to listen to the 28 day audio which assists in healing the issue and installing positive changes.

What do I get with the session?

Pre-session relaxation recording

1 hr Awareness Consultation where will dive deep and connect to the heart of the issue to create what you want in your life.

1.5/2hr RTT session

28 day personalised audio to re-code and rewire the subconscious and install positive changes during our time together.

1 x 30min Conscious connection mentoring session to keep you on track and accountable during the 28 re-coding.

28 day Transformation review follow up zoom call

Your Investment to rapidly transform your life

You are important and what I need is to be completely clear from the very start what you are investing in and introduce you to my prices. You have taken the time to connect through my site and will have some insight on what to expect from an RTT session. I am unique within my service to you and aim to serve you powerfully by connecting you back into your heart and mind for your own transformation to take place. If this sounds like something you want to invest in yourself to rapidly transform your life working with me will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself. 

Single RTT Session Adult


Single RTT session

This session is for you if you have a single issue in one area of your life that is blocked and you want to achieve a deep understanding and re-code a new pathway.

These sessions are most commonly booked for low level stress, confidence, life purpose, focus, motivation and a block that is keeping you stuck.

(It is possible to upgrade from this single session to the ultimate experience if you feel you want to work on more area's of your life once you have transformed from your original presenting issue)

1.5/2 hr Release RTT session

Personalised Transformation recording

1 X 1/2hr Conscious Connection Mentoring Session

1 X 1/2hr Transformation 28 day Review  

I want to know more. Book a discovery Call

I want this and ready to commit. Invest in a session

Ultimate RTT Experience Adult


Package of 3 RTT sessions

This package is for you if you have several issue's you need to address. We work together to establish the key presenting problem and area's of your life it effects the most and you will experience a deep dive ultimate transformation experience as I guide to to your own inner healing.

These sessions are most commonly booked for anxiety, low self esteem, sleep , depression, high level stress and overwhelm, weight management, physical illness.

Every individual is unique and often when one area has been cleared it creates a ripple effect on other area's of your life.

 3 x 1.5/2 hr Release RTT session

3 x Personalised Transformation recording

3 X 1/2hr Conscious Connection Mentoring Session

1 X 45 min Ultimate Transformation mentor Session

I want to know more. Book a discovery Call

I want this and ready to commit. Invest in Ultimate RTT experience

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