The Slim Thinking Formula

  • Feeling frustrated about your constant battle to lose weight?
  • Have you ever lost weight only to put it all back on again and more?
  • Feel completely unmotivated to eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise?
  • Constantly sabotage your healthy lifestyle goals?
  • Have you lost your confidence with a feeling of not being good enough?

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I understand the frustrations with attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle and managing my own weight. Over the years I was constantly obsessed with my desire to be a certain weight, look a certain way and every diet I tried would have an effect on me for a few months but would not have a permanent impact until I finally found Rapid Transformation Therapy which totally turned everything I thought and believed about my weight and myself inside out and upside down. The moment I used RTT for weight my attitude, thought pattern and behaviour around food, diet, excersice and weight changed the day I experienced the workshop. RTT changed everything my weight, confidence, motivation, habits and because of this I became extremely passionate about helping others achieve their healthier lifestyle goals and have created the Slim Thinking Formula, Think Slim + Be Slim = Stay Slim workshops and 121 sessions.

Here's How!

The Slim Thinking Formula is a unique workshop based on the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer 'You can Be Thin' ; voted as the most successful therapist on Supersize vs. Superskinny and Celebrity Fit Club UK and USA.  Think Slim + Be Slim = Stay Slim introduces Rapid Transformation therapy and will provide you with a long term answer to permanent weight control that will change the way you approach your desire to lead a healthier lifestyle without the deprivation and sacrifice diets have on you. You will:

  • Understand how changing your thinking comes before changing your eating.
  • Learn how thinking slim and visualising yourself as slim will move you towards being slim and staying slim.
  • Understand how foods can really effect your body.
  • Feel more motivated, confident with an increased self esteem and gain a better understanding it's not just what you eat, but also what you think and believe.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

'I have tried but I can't lose weight'

'My metabolism doesn't work properly'

' I can't leave food'

'I don't feel motivated to exercise'

'I am just big boned'

With my methods using RTT you will get to change your whole relationship with food and your fitness goals. By changing your attitude, language and beliefs you have been using your whole life you will become rewired to absolutely gain back control of you weight, size, shape and well-being. Come along to one of our events for the Slim Thinking Formula.


The Slim Thinking Formula: Think Slim + Stay Slim = Be Slim


Oct 10

Why not come along to our  2 hour seminar and learn how you can improve your health, wellbeing and fitness goals with the amazing Rapid Transformation Therapy technique.

What to expect?

Learn how thinking slim, visualising yourself as slim will move you towards becoming slim

Learn how to use your brain to strengthen your immune system, boost will power and enhance your wellbeing

Reshape your neural pathways with positive intentions to create healthy habits that last

Learn some powerful techniques using meditation, mindfulness and EFT to take control of your cravings

Experience a 25 minute powerful group RTT session

For attending the event I will be offering a £25 discount on a personalised 121 session

For more information contact me at [email protected] or 07786004371


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